Modular Buildings & Panels

Portable buildings made to any length, width or size

We can provide portable buildings which can be used for site offices, admin ​​​​rooms, smoko rooms, store rooms, toilets/ablutions, process and clean rooms. Built with partition walls, doors, windows, vinyl floor, electrics and plumbing as required.

The Benefits

  • Ideal to be transported, they can be manufactured in modules and joined on site
  • Complete internal and external finish – with the double skin of the panel this provides the internal lining, external cladding and excellent insulation properties
  • Minimal construction labour costs, panel is the complete and simple solution where construction times can be minimised
  • On minor builds it doesn’t require a framework – i.e. timber or steel framing
  • Panel is an ideal, cost and ideal effective solution for building holiday homes and a versatile alternative
  • All manner of windows and doors can be installed along with all other necessary amenities and penetrations​
  • Ideal design & construction for, eco friendly, warm, efficient and low maintenance holiday homes, portable buildings and offices are required