Insulation & Cladding

Coldstore Construction has skilled and experienced staff that can supply and install all manner of commercial and industrial insulation, including sheet metal cladding, foam injection and thermal wraps.

Maintenance, service work or technical advice is readily available for the best solutions and needs of our customers.


Insulation is a very important part of minimising heat loss and maintaining thermal efficiencies, thus equating to energy savings and cost savings. Some of these include:

  • Sheet metal cladding
  • Foam injection or spray
  • Fibreglass, Ceramic Fibre Sheets, Rock Wool, Polyurethane
  • Fabricated Thermal Wraps
  • Acoustic Insulation

Sheet Metal Cladding

Sheet metal cladding is most commonly finished in aluminium or stainless steel, we cater for all pipe sizes and lengths, including tricky bends or fittings. Valve boxes, fan covers, vessels of all shapes and sizes, and insulated with the appropriate material to suit the temperatures.

Thermal Wraps

Coldstore construction can also fabricate thermal wraps for items that need to be accessible for maintenance, these are commonly used in ships and factories, on hot oil pipes, steam pipes, valves, fittings and more. These wraps are made to measure and can be produced for almost any application.

The industries are wide and varied, and include fishing, timber, chemical, processing, basically anywhere you will find boilers and heat plants, kilns, thermal oil, exhausts, and refrigeration.

Insulation advantages

  • Reduction of heat loss and energy saving on heat systems, equating to operating efficiencies
  • Elimination of condensation & heat ingress on cooling systems
  • Personal protection and safety from hot surfaces
  • Acoustic insulation for noise control