Freezers & Coolstores

We’ve been designing and building freezers, Coolstores and chillers for over 20 years – so we know what we’re doing. Whatever your needs, we’ll find the solution.

We’re committed to providing long term support for all builds, whether that is providing maintenance or replacement parts.


Coldstore Construction specialises in the design and construction of freezer units (such as blast cell​s, commercial freezers, portable freezer rooms) manufactured to suit your needs.

This includes fully insulated freezer floors designed to industry specifications, heated door sills and heated door frames to ensure a vapour barrier is achieved and eliminating icing.


We have significant experience in the design and construction of coolstores of all shapes and sizes. We can provide advice and expertise throughout the building process.

Portable Chillers

Coldstore Construction manufactures portable chiller and freezer rooms, with or without refrigeration. These rooms range in size and can be made to order for restaurants, bars, general food storage, and manufacture, to farm produce and home kill​.